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Plasma cutter work table


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Water tray helps immensely.  That's the one "feature" that I'd recommend at least considering even though it complicates the build a lot.  

No matter what supports you use, they will tend to get chewed up rather quickly.  Because of that I'd say the cheapest flat bar on edge that you can get your hands on is the way to go.  If you can shear sheet into strips, even better and cheaper.  

But it also depends on the nature of the work you will be doing--5' x 10' is a bit different than 2' x 3' which is a lot different than if you are cutting very small bits into smaller bits and need even more support.  Can you give some feedback on how you anticipate using this?

Oh...and possibly add a provision for side skirts.  I was piercing some 5/8" plate the other day and the blow back before the pierce is pretty nasty stuff to have flying sideways.  It would have been nice in my case to have a bit of a "guard" to sort of catch that instead of it shooting off into everything in the shop.

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