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A really bad idea that needs to work

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Long story short, the wife doesn't like my 10x10 workspace on the side of the house and wants me to get rid of the forge set up ( not happening) or move it indoors. My indoor space I get is a 10x12 shed with only 3' walls before the barn roof starts sloping, oh and a wood floor. Due to a lack of storage space in general this space gets to include, forge, anvil and a post vice....... And 3 saddles+ tack, table saw, chop saw, and a good amount of handheld tools, a dozen fishing poles and archery equipment. I am going to try to get rid of everything else in the shed if that's where I have to move my work area. Building another shed is out of the question at the moment. If course I am going to try to talk her out of it, putting a 2000° fire, and hot metal in a wooden building that small right next to another wooden building full of the family stuff is in my opinion a really bad idea but I do have to live with her. ( Debating that one) I need to rebuild my forge, currently a large wooden jbod thinking of making another jbod from a semi brake drum and a sheet metal table as the current one is too big for the space, and sitting out in the weather has caused some deterioration in the structural integrity of the forge. Ventilation isn't much of a problem, that I can do for little or no cost, everything else has to be done an a budget of about $10. Average material size to be worked is ⅜ with the occasional ¾ up to 2" for tooling.Any other suggestions, ideas, thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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You could build a MarkIII jabod forge get a hand truck and lug everything in and out of the shed when you want to work. No need for a new shed and no fire in a wooden building. The only expense is the wood for a box unless you can salvage the wood from your current jabod, a big bag of cat litter, and a used hand truck.      Pnut


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