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Hi i am new, and just started geting very interested in trying bladesmithing as a hobby. I was wondering if you guys could post any information i should know, and equipment i need to get. I have always been interested in history, mostly european. I have always dreamed of forgeing blades, armour, arrowheads like they use to do.

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Howdy from East Texas!! and welcome to IFI!! Let me fill you in on a little known secrete....ssshhhh not many people know this....But if you will go to the top of the page, in the green bar, click on 'user CP' and edit you profile stating where you live it sure would help with this question and any others you will come up with in the furture. Shoot, there is probably some one just right down the street from you and he/she could give you some 1on1 help.

Now to answer your post....A TON of information is already here in previous posts, to start with look in the 'Knife forum'. Goobs and bunches of info there...you might need to get something to eat and drink while you are there, it'll take a long time to read it all. Same with the blacksmithing section as they do cross over a lot. The equipment will be; (a) SAFETY GLASSES (b)forge, either coal/coke/charcoal or gas. © hammer. (d) anvil, which can be any large chunk of steel or a nice big rock! (e) desire to learn...oh yeah, you already have that;) But I highly recommend you do what I suggested at the top of this post, you'll be surprised what can turn up. Good luck and once again, WELCOME TO IFI!!

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Go to IForgeIron.com > Getting Started.
Go to IForgeIron.com > Lessons in Metalworking > Blacksmithing
Go to IForgeIron.com > Blacksmithing Groups

Cost of getting into Blacksmithing can be less than $20 if your a good scrounger.

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