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Hello everyone. My name is Chris and I just wanted to drop a line and introduce myself. I am a total newbie, although since I was young I was fascinated with blacksmithing. While visiting family on the east coast I would spend hours watching demo's and shops. I've been lurking here on and off for a year reading anything I can. Hoping to meet folks in my area to share their expertise and ultimate goal to set up a home shop. Thanks for all the great info here, and I can't wait to learn more!


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OK Chris, a year is plenty long enough for looking, reading, lurking, and the like....NOW what you do is go to the scrap yard, find a brake drum, large chunck of steel, a hammer, and some smaller steel. Take all of this home, build a forge using the brake drum (remember the BP on Brake Drum Forge you have surely read?) build a nice HOT fire, get your steel HOT, lay it on that big chunck of steel and then...drum roll please....HIT IT HARD WITH THAT HAMMER!! I can gaurantee you that is all it takes, you'll be hooked for life! It really doesn't matter what it looks like once you hit it either, after a while you will be makeing things and showing them to your fiends here on IFI. Glad you are here and look forward to seeing you progress.
WHAT?!? ya still sittin' there!!??!

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