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Help choosing steel and hardening?

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Hi I just found the forums here and it looks like a lot of great info.

I am looking to get some advice on making some of my own tools that I can use at work. The material that I would make these tools out of would can be 3/8" or 1/2" soiled round steel rod that would be cut to about 2'-3' in length. Then I would put a couple bends in the rods where need, and after that they would need to be hardened. These tools would be used for pushing dents out of steel panels and here is a pic to get an idea of the tool design I am after.

I have a local metal supply store where I should be able to pick out any type of metal. But one of my questions is what type is the best as far as hardening goes? I only want to use a carbon steel but what type do I use for strength?

Next, I have everything to bend and shape the rods, but when it comes to hardening them I am looking for a do it yourself set up if any one knows of any links to some plans on building a homemade oven/furnace?

Thank you for an advice...

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My choice for several reasons would be 1095 steel. It is a relatively simple steel to heat treat and is failry forgiving,,meaning you can do it over if you miss the heat treat you want on the fist go round. Stell of any type you would use for this is going to have to be ehated to critical temp and quenched in a coolant I use oil for 1095. Then it has to be put into an oven for tempering or softening the steel a bit so it is not brittle. Quenchcrack did a wonderful blueprint on this and I believe it is number 0178 o rmaybe 0187. If you have not other use for a forge than this project you may save money by getting the steel shapeing the way you want and finding someone to heat treat them for you.

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Well you probably want a medium carbon steel, say 1050 or so to get tough rather than brittle. If I were making them I would probably find a coil spring like is used on a garage door and use that for stock. You will have to experiment on hardening, trying oil first as the quenchant and figuring out the proper draw temperature. To get different diameters find different sized springs!

As for making an overn furnace. making a forge is a lot simplier and there are a lot of plans on the net and in the blueprints here. I would start with the Getting Started section and go on from there.

Sorry that this was more than "an" advice.

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