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2" sounds a little shallow but I'm mostly a gasser guy. My coal forge is a duck's nest set up so my opinion means not a lot.

It looks really nice, I like it. How's it work?

How close to the foundry do you live, or should I ask how closely connected are you? Did you make your own pattern, mold, etc.? From my experience one offs or anything are really spendy.


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When its cast, the round block you see at the bottom is solid, i had a machine shop thread it for a 2 1/2in pipe as you can see in the picture. And on the top they machined a 1/2 in down for my grate. I had to make it myself which isn't hard. I am closely connected because my grandfather owns the foundry that i work in and we make parts for them. I made my own pattern out of a, old nautral gas regulator that i found.

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