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I Forge Iron

forming an amphora copper


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Hello everyone. Not too much text in English .......( it's better for you :)) but a some photos:
The amphora is copper 10/10 eme
Height 740 mm
diameter at the widest 280 mm
support is stainless steel: Flat 40 x10 mm
diameter 370 mm x 8
A +........P.L

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I think those leaded glass windows are actually some nice wrought ironwork. I understand the French take form and function very seriously. I believe that is why my neighbor, Robert Crumb, moved to southern France. He traded six of his sketchbooks for a townhouse in Sauve. Those French are pretty savvy, too.

Shops in California have failed miserably in that regard because they either have magnetic alarm strips or bars that look like they were designed for San Quentin or Folsom State Prison.

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Thank you RAR2, but reassures you I do not speak American and my English make fear. J' use also a software of translation. The work of metal, c' is the trade that j' learned, but is also one of my passion. This work represents approximately a hundred hour part-time
A+ P L

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