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What is it? Old anvil with unique markings.

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I acquired this awhile back. I can’t find anything on how old this anvil is? USA or Chinese? Material it is made of? Brand/manufacturer? What do the markings read?


somone that knows anvils may just know what the manufacturer is based on the limited marks shown in the images. 

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much,








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To learn more you anvil may I commend to your attention: "Mousehole Forge" by Richard Postman (author of anvils in America)

What are the "unique" markings?  So far you have just shown us ones common to one of the two most common english anvil brands that were exported to the United States so it's sort of like "I have a used car with unique markings they say FORD".

I got 813 results when I googled       mousehole site:iforgeiron.com  (Using your browser's search function is the  suggested method of searching IFI as the "native" search function is not very good at all!)

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