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I Forge Iron

A hello from a hobbyist

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Just a Pennsylvania warehouse worker here trying to learn smithing. I've been forging for a while now but only recently acquired my own equipment. I love to see what I can repurpose old tools into, whether it be something useful or just for S n Gs. As for the nonsensical screen name? A Roman comedy character; useless college latin classes leave a lasting impression, and are great for filling a language core. Ego quod ego.

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. What do you have for: equipment, tools, shop, projects, etc.? We LOVE pics you know, anything you'd show a pre-schooler you don't want to have to explain adult stuff to. ;)

Might want to polish up on your Latin, we have a few members who're pretty darned fluent, some in multiple ancient languages. What little I've picked up is from being a paleophile, bibliophile. 

Eco Guaca Mole. It's a green thing, spread it everywhere! :)

Frosty The Lucky.

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I don't have too many equipment picks at the moment (most of it is in a storage locker until my next trip out to the place I rent for space) but I have a few examples of past work:

 The first two show my attempt at a skinner knife. The stainless barley twist was a request from a friend at work for a bottle opener (although the twist ended up being too thick and broad for a cork). The next one shows a simple blacksmith knife from a leaf spring that somehow ended up getting partially blued after a bit of honing oil and a 400 degree temper in an oven (needless to say, I needed to open up a few windows). The last two show a simple fullering/straight peen hammer I made, which was a lot of fun, especially making the black locust handle.


As far a odds, ends, works-in-progress, stuff I've forgotten about or have put to the side, I'd pobably need a new post as I've lost count :wacko:.







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