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  1. I get a little ahead of myself when I put my ideas down on paper.
  2. I don't have too many equipment picks at the moment (most of it is in a storage locker until my next trip out to the place I rent for space) but I have a few examples of past work: The first two show my attempt at a skinner knife. The stainless barley twist was a request from a friend at work for a bottle opener (although the twist ended up being too thick and broad for a cork). The next one shows a simple blacksmith knife from a leaf spring that somehow ended up getting partially blued after a bit of honing oil and a 400 degree temper in an oven (needless to say, I needed to open up a few windows). The last two show a simple fullering/straight peen hammer I made, which was a lot of fun, especially making the black locust handle. As far a odds, ends, works-in-progress, stuff I've forgotten about or have put to the side, I'd pobably need a new post as I've lost count .
  3. Just a Pennsylvania warehouse worker here trying to learn smithing. I've been forging for a while now but only recently acquired my own equipment. I love to see what I can repurpose old tools into, whether it be something useful or just for S n Gs. As for the nonsensical screen name? A Roman comedy character; useless college latin classes leave a lasting impression, and are great for filling a language core. Ego quod ego.
  4. Brand new here, but I thought I might jump into it. I have some annealed 1/8" 52100 flats that I was hoping to use for a pair of pruning shears for my foreman at work. And yes, I'm familiar with how 52100 forges. I've made a few knives from it. It's just that I've never really spring-tempered anything before (as shown in the design). As far as equipment, I have a break drum coal forge, a few punches, wolf-jaw tongs, a straight peen hammer, some hot cut chisels, a rail anvil, and a low speed bench grinder with a sanding attachment. With what I have, how do you think I should best go about drawing it back? Should I use a different steel in regards to the spring? Also, if I'm not being clear, if I'm leaving out some important details, or if you're just curious as to why the heck I'm asking, feel free to let me know. Thanks for the input!