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7" Sliding Jaw post vise project


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I have finally got around to a project I need to complete while my old shop area still has power. I have what i think is a Peter Wright post vise. The jaws are 7" wide and what makes it unusual is that it has a sliding jaw that is adjustable. As always there is a catch.... the screw is missing. I do have the screw box just not the screw. 




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Skuze my ignorance...but is there a specific reason or use for those little "hooks" below the jaws?  I suppose they might relate to keeping screw-box parts from rotating or something but's usually done other ways on smaller vises.

Neat toy that'll be a real gem when re-habbed back to working order.

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Decorative Hammer Deflectors...Don't ask me how I know there function....LOL. I think these are just more curved than normal, the whole vice shows a real high level of detail, well beyond any other post vise I have been around. I imagine it was pricey when new!



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