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found ur site yesterday wile looking for some baseline knowledge on blacksmithing. realy like ur site loads of info. if yall have any books on the subject you could refer me to thatd be great cuz i wana learn as much as a can before i finish my forge.
ps when i try to look into the 200-900 BP's i get an error 403...says im restricted from acess :o.

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Start your search in the IForgeIron Book Reviews section. Then move to the IForgeIron > Lessons in Metalworking > Blacksmithing > LB0008 Reference material and LB0008.0001 Reference Material.

As to the blueprints, please review the IForgeIron > Forum > Keeping you informed > Ch-CH-Ch-Ch-Changes, and > 500 Blueprints posts.

Do not forget the IForgeIron > Forum > Archive. It is located at the bottom right of the forum page. Click on archive, then a section, then a sub-section. There may be more than one page so look for the page numbers 2, 3, 4, etc at the top of the page above the list the topics. Get a cold drink and something to eat before you visit the archives as you may be a while. (grin).

Welcome to IForgeIron. Enjoy your visit.

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