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Let the Hammer DO the Work??

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I have studied the Hofi vids. I have a Blue 2.4 Hofi style on my front porch and have a German pattern 4 Pound on the way- short handled. With this rotator cuff, is there a recommended technique so that the mass of the hammer does most of the work with me controlling point of impact and return? Obviously, Hofi's lesson on grip is a good start to protect wrists,elbows and shoulders. jet

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Yeah, work from the elbow and wrist and use your shoulders as little as possible. I index my elbow into my hip when I need consistently placed blows and it takes your shoulder mostly out of the loop.

You won't be able to hit as hard but you can use heavier hammers to make up for it some.

You can get more snap out of a blow by holding the hammer in what I call a fencer's grip; loosely between thumb and forefinger so it can pivot. The rest of your fingers let it move. In the swing the head of the hammer is nearly touching my wrist or forearm (depending on the length of the handle) with my other 3 fingers extended wide, just a last joint holding the handle. Then just before impact you close your fingers smartly to snap the hammer, then release pressure on the handle so it can rebound.

This adds another joint (force multiplier) to your swing and stops most of the shock from being transmitted to your skeleton.

Works well for me.


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