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Hi, my name is Manny, since late September 2007 I have been taking weekly blacksmithing classes at Kevin Boys' forge, in Surrey Docks Farm, London. On the first day I made a forged leaf keyring and I've been hooked since then! After that I was working on a dragon door knocker, working with my instructor Ian Lowe, who'se travel diary you'll probably all have read! I finally finished it a few weeks ago and I've posted a few pics in the gallery. Now I'm learning the basic techniques, with a view to getting a formal qualification, I suppose I should have started with the basics first but I will be chuffed with my dragon for the rest of my life, even if I don't have a door I can hang it on at the moment!

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Oh thanks very much Steve! As if I don't have enough on my plate all I need is a hoofing great door knocker clattering my nose every time I nod my head :D. Even if it does look fantastic (hands up how many folks here have seen a TAPERED pineapple twist before?) I reckon it'll look better where it was made to go.
Welcome to the site Manny, trust me, ask sensible questions and you'll learn more from this mob than you ever will with me.

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