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I Forge Iron

Double Sided C Frame Press

 Matt Marti

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Finished this 15ish ton press based on Jim Batson's great book.  The goal was to be able to punch a hole in a hammer billet then be able to drive a drift in and forge the blow out from the punching on both sides in one heat. I wanted speed instead of tonnage for less heat input in the punch tip for less galling and damage to it.  I accomplished that goal but currently do it two separately to take my time getting the eye right and not have to worry about doing the rest.  The motor is a 10hp 3600rpm baldor motor, the pump is a 22 low pressure by 7 high pressure and the tank is about 35 gallons. 

press 12.jpg

press 2.jpg

press 3.jpg

press video.mp4.crdownload

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On 9/4/2018 at 1:08 AM, Jspool said:

Nice! What psi are you running at ?  At 10hp 3600rpm 7gpm, I would have thout you would get 40t at 2000psi, not 15

The PSI does not have as much to do with it as cylinder bore size. Mine is 4" bore.

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