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Well, I finally did it... got a new grinder on the way!

Graham Fredeen

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Well everyone, I said I was going to do it for the longest time, but kept putting it off and off, due to the big hunk of cash it was going to put me out for. But after long deliberation and much debate, estimating, and finally just saying "what the xxxx" I finally typed in my credit card number and hit submit.

I have a new KMG on the way soon!!!!

I havent recieved any order conformation and/or shipping details yet (did the order late Friday night, so wont hear anything back till monday).

I didn't skimp on the accessories either
I got the 10" grinder package with platen attachment, tooling arm, work rest and 10" contact wheel, the mounting base, a couple of extra tooling arms, small wheel attachment w/ .5"&1" wheels, a 2" contact wheel, and have a 1 1/2 hp motor w/step pulleys for it.

Just enough to get me started ... for a long while ;). As time goes by, I might buy a couple of more contact wheels in intermediate sizes, maybe the rotary platen (all for when I recover financially from this initial purchase), but other than that I should be good for the rest of my bladesmithing career. A motor upgrade to variable speed would really be the only other thing I could think of ever doing years down the road.

I can now say goodbye to the HF 4"x36" grinder that has gotten me by for the past few years. It did the "job" on most of the blades I was doing, but it was highly limiting as well and I feel like my work is starting to get to the point where a good professional grade grinder would allow me to get to the next level, not to mention make things so much easier and faster to do, with far superior results.

Now I have to buy a complete set of new grinding belts for it. I went to order them from tru-grit (I had just priced and did all the estimating on their site about a week ago) and now their site is down :confused: :( . So I dont know whats going on with that, I really don't want to order from someone else as I have yet to find anyone who stocks as vast a selection of abrasives, not to mention at a great price to boot. But with their site down, I don't know what is going on, its been almost a couple of years since I last ordered abrasives from them, I would hate to think that they are gone... Anybody done any business with them recently? Hopefully just site problems and they'll be up soon.

Anyway, better stop before I ramble on too much... wait, looks like I already did( its late.. or early, depending on how you look at it ;) ). I can't wait!

I will keep you posted when I get the info on when it ships, when I get it, and I will take lots of pics too!


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Good tools always have paid off in my experience and it was a smart move to buy the acc. too. I never seem to get around to buying them later.

I would have never guessed that your work was done on that HF 4x36, anxious to see your new grinder and work.


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Congradulations!!! You will be amazed at what you can do with a good grinder as compared to the 4" HF sander you have been using. Tru-grit is a great place to get belts, allong with Jantz and Scheffield knifemaking supply. if you have not tryied them before I highly recomend Norton "Blaze" ceramic belts. These things are unbelievable when used on a good belt grinder. They are kind of pricy (somewhere around 6 bucks a belt) but remove material so fast that you better be paying attention, and they last much longer than Aluminum oxide belts. Post some pics when it gets in, and have fun expanding your abilities to meet your new tools capabilities!!

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I cant wait to get it and see for my own eyes what it can really do. I have only ever heard good things about the KMG and considering that Mastersmiths like Mr. Ed Caffery use one, I figured it must be a good product ;) . It came down to a Bader b-3 and the KMG, both of which have similar designs in their motor, belt, pulley and attachment set ups. I am sure I would have loved the Bader, but it would have ended up costing me a good bit more, especially to get all the extra attachements. For the price of just the bader with a motor and an 8" contact wheel I got the kmg with 10", platen, motor, and small wheel attachement. The extra tooling arms, contact wheels, base plate put it over that price though .

I love how easy it is to change the attachments and belts, how heavily constructed it is, not to mention the sheer versitility of the thing and how easy it is to modify or make your own attachements.

This KMG will open up way more possibilities in my bladesmithing than I ever could have done with the HF. For instance, I will now have the ability to do plunge cuts, a good flat grind, hollow grinds, and be able to get into tighter areas along profiles and such, just to name a few. About the only thing the HF could do anything decently was flat, linear grinds down the length of the blade. Even then it didnt have the power to really get into things, so grinding took about twice as long as it should have.

And good news too, checked back with tru-grit and their site is back up and running, so I will be able to get the belts ordered and get them around the same time as the grinder :D. And still have a few weeks to use the new grinder and start to love it before the bill comes :o;) .

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Just an update. I just got the shipping notification, the KMG will be in on Friday!

There are 4 separate boxes, with a combined weight of about 240 lbs. You know it must be good if it weighs that much ;) .

I will get some pics when it comes in and I unbox it.

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You will love the KMG. I might suggest getting the VFD before you buy a lot of other accessories. I used step pullies for a while before I went to VFD and I cannot begin to tell you what a difference it makes.

have fun with the KMG. :)


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Well eveyone, ITS HERE!

They dropped off the base plate, motor, and extra tooling arms on Friday while I was at work. However, the box with the actual KMG and all the attachements required a signature so they didnt leave it. That was irritating, so I called up FedEx and tried to figure out if I could go and pick it up. They finally tracked it down and said I could go and get it Friday night at their facility. So I drove all the way over there, gave them the number, and they said it was still out on a truck. It was time for them to close so they sent me off and told me to comeback today. So I finally got it today. I have it all unpacked, bolted down, assembled, and the motor is wired and tested. The ony thing I am missing is the grinding belts for it, which are on their way, but probably still a couple of days out.

All I can say about the KMG so far is wow! That thing is amazingly tough, and solid. It is some new breed of Beast that I have not before had the prividledge of encountering.

I have a bunch of pictures up on my site so feel free to take a look. I also would be more than happy to get some more pictures of certain parts should anyone want, as well as answer any questions anybody might have.

Fredeen Blades





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Your shop will never be the same. What a nice addition. May I make two suggestions? Number one bolt that down to something solid. The stump will work just make sure you make it part of the stump. The second is move the belt to the slowest speed. I have a variable speed but it almost always is run at a rather slow setting. Enjoy!

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She is fastend down solid to the stump Rich and she wont budge. :) Plus, for extra precaution, I am going to bolt the stump down to the floor as well. I probably don't need to (stump weighs about 400 lb, plus about 200 lb of KMG) as it is, its pretty solid, but a bit extra cant hurt ;) . Thanks for the tip on belt speed. I figured that slowest would be best, both for better control, better finish, and less chance of overheating.

As soon as I get the belts for it I have to learn to grind on it :rolleyes: . It is completly different than what I am used to, and am sure it will take a bit of practice to get it down. But just looking at the set up and playing around with the various attachments, everything seems so well engineered and adjustable that I think I should be grinding like a pro in no time :D.

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