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I see that this forum does not have a BUY/SELL subforum. Sorry if I am opening a wound, but...I hate ebay bidding. I will pay a fellow "worth the money" for a quality piece of tooling or material. I don't have to "get over on someone" to be a happy buyer. So, other than ebay or Craig's List, is there a smithing group where "Want to Buy" and "For sale" posts are allowed/invited? I belong to a large and active Woodworking/Handtool Forum and we have a subforum for such. It is not done by auction- sellers must post a selling price--they can say "best offer" but it is intentionally not an auction- usually done by the first private message that says "I'll take it." A conditional "I'll take it, but...." is not a binding offer.Thanks, mt/jet- *By the way, if anyone wants me to settle on one name/signature, I'll expain and we can choose. I hope to be around here for a fair bit of time.*

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