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Knife #7, first flat grind, tapered tang


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Great knife, I like the arc of the (spine?) top line, and the mirror finish really shows off the grind.

I've been working on flat grinds, seem to be very difficult to get, you managed in a great way.

I've tried several different ways, 6"x 48", 2" grinder and draw filling, any tips, hints, tricks you could share ?


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I have had no problem with flat grinds at all.

What could possibly be hard about them?!?

If anything, I have more trouble with hollow grinds. But then, I don't have a belt grinder. I have experimented with them, and found them a pain.

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Mark, I am in no way someone who should be giving advice on flat grinding. Only thing I can say is watch the Harvey Dean Video on flat grinding. I watched it 2-3 times and used my grizzly 2" grinder. The video is very instructive.

Matt, you may be a savant, but flat grinding is not easy. Lots of trial, error and experience in getting good flat grinds.

Good luck,

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