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Can anyone help me identify this?

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I picked this up for $10 and figured it had something to do with smithing.......but it is much larger that anything I have seen before.

It is approximately 8" long and the center area is about 3" square....I can get exact measurements after work if needed

Any help is appreciated......thank you all




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Looks like a tinsmith stake to me or anvil hardy. I'm sure others will chime in with a more accurate description. In the meantime have you read this thread yet?


BTW Welcome to IFI that thread will help with using the forum.


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I have a Pexto stake plate that has tapered rectangular opening in it. I was thinking a tin smithing stake as well.

Note a hardy is a chisel used to cut steel.  There are a lot of tools that can fit in an anvil's hardy hole but they are not an anvil hardy!

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Greetings All, 

      I do not think the taper would fit a Pexto plate...  My guess is some kind of a locater or guide for a machine .  What function would the machined flat be?  Just this ol boys 2c. 

Forge on and make beautiful things 



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