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aluminum molds

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aluminum melts at a very low temp you should be able to forge a ladle (deep spoon like thing) to melt and pour the aluminum, use a tow hitch ball to forge the ladle. wait do you mean to make aluminum moulds to pour other metals into or moulds into which you would pour molten aluminum?

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If you mean to use a mould made of aluminium to contain another molten metal then I wish you best of luck and may I reccomend a good undertaker?

If you mean how do you make a mould to CAST aluminium INTO then I refer you to the terms 'Cope and Drag' and 'Sandcasting'. I also suggest you google 'Backyard Metal Casting' as well.

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The only time I've seen molds made from aluminum they were for fishing tackle. My dad used to make and sell alot of custom jig, spinnerbait, and buzzbait molds. His were aluminum, and sometimes brass.

In some cases he would machine the mold out of a billet, other cases he would make a pattern from bondo, or fiberglass resin, and then use the pattern to sandcast the actual mold from aluminum.

If I misunderstood, and you want to make molds to cast aluminum then the place to start is with reading everything you can dig up about sandcasting.

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