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New 5160 Stag Hunter

Graham Fredeen

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Hey folks. Just finished this one up last night.

Blade is 5160
11.5" OAL
6" Blade
Wood is cocobolo
steel spacer
Steel buttcap

Dont know if I am completly happy with this one, but then again I never am ;) .

I am currently working on the sheath for this one. Just bought some leather working tools a few days ago and started messing around. I will post some pics when I get the sheath done.

As always, comments, questions, and criticisms please.







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I really, really like the blade design, lines and overall attitude of the first knife. Looks like the Old San Fransisco style, which is my favorite style knife, the dagger being my second.

I wouldn't change a thing on the double edge and like the way the butt cap echos the blade. The sheath complements the knife very much, excellent work.

I like the first one the most but the two different handle materials IMHO detract from the overall flow.

Respectfully Mark

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Thanks all.

I agree, yet disagree with you about the flow of the handle. I disagree about the materials, but agree that there is a detraction from the flow. I quite like the two contrasting handle materials and I think that they add to the overall character of the blade. However, that being said, I was hoping for a little smoother transistion between the two, which I think would have improved the flow. I was originally thinking of doing complete stag for this blade, but the antler section that I was given for this specific piece (going to a hunter who wanted the antlers off the deer they shot to be used) would not accomidate it, so I went with the cocobolo with stag rear. And like I said, I was hoping for a nice smooth transition, but the antler had its own idea ;) . The bottom cooperated fine but the top dipped in a bit. But I still think it turned out alright. But hey, everyone has their own tastes/styles. Glad you like it though.

I do love the design of this blade too, I almost dont want to give it up :). It has a great feel in the hand. Sometime I suppose I will have to make another something like it for me to keep.

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