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  1. Hi guys here are a couple of neck knives I have almost finished , they both need to be sharpened and sheathed, both are made out of 1084 from the tangs of bowies that didn't grind as well as I would of liked, the wrap is leather, the only power I needed for these was the blower on the forge and the oven for temper, the rest is hammer,files,and sand paper. 7 inches oal 3 inch blade 6 inches oal 2 1/8 blade detail on the butt let me know what you think jimi
  2. Jimi

    new ones

    good lookin stuff there, very nice Randalesk flow to them. I like them. cya jimi
  3. if oil are you warming up your oil ? how thin do you take your edge before HT? cya jimi
  4. very nice work. I really like the dagger cya jimi
  5. Jimi


    forged fighter (1075) clay hardened
  6. Hi guys I just posted a HI post in the knife area but Ill post one here as well . HI... I am a toolmaker/knifemaker form Canada, I am looking forward to reading and sharing cya jimi
  7. Hi guys Figured this the best spot for this cause I'll probly be in the knife area the most. I am Jim Wade, I have been a tool maker for 15 years and a part time knife maker for about 6 years now. I started to forge knives about a year and a half go or so and haven't looked back, I had to take about six months off of knifemaking but am back at it, I have a gas forge and a basic shop set up that I let a buddy borrow to help get him started while I wasn't using it so I thew together a quick charcaol forge and started to hammer, lately my knives have taken a real earthy almost neotribal look to them, Ill post some pics of new work as I get it done. I am an avid outdoorsman , I hunt, fish, and practice many primitive living/woodsman skills , I also am the father of three and the husband of one. I am looking forward to learning and sharing around here, here are some pics of my work from about six month ago. forged fighter (1075) clay hardened small hunter(1075) large hunter (1075) clay hardened bare bones knecker (forged 1075) All leather work was done by Paul Savage and the kydex is from On/scene Tactical thanks for looking and cya around jimi