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I'm amazed at the work in a few old hand forged irons I have

So when I was offer the opertunity to make one for a local ranch I was excited. It's for barBQ so is just 2-1/2" in dia. I reduce the image to the appropriate size,

select materials, 1/8" X 1/2" and began to O/A weld up the 4R and circle, file and true up. Assemble with the mig and get ready to attach the handle 9hours later, when I saw what I did....

It was a full moon.
When I was filing my dog came in and stood under the vice and would not leave, very unusual, he must have known. I didn't have a clue (my wife's been telling me this for years).

Alzheimer's.. I'm not that old.

I'll keep this one as a reminder, and start a new one when time allows.

I can't believe I got so far before noticing.

Anyone have similar experience.


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Yes it happened to me :D and it has almost happened a few times more.

I have made maybe 30 irons over the years from 1/2" tall to one in a diamond about 4"X7". They are branding critters, hides, wood and furniture all over the country.

The one I did complete backwards was a rush job gotten over the phone and I was to deliver it the next day prior to a holiday weekend. It was for branding picnic tables in a campground. I got it done (backwards), heated it in the forge and was aiming it at a test piece of wood when I saw what I had done. I cut it off the handle and made the new one. When I was delivering it the next day I was telling the buyer what had happened and he asked "what happened to the other one?" I told him it is laying in the back of the truck and he asked if he could have it. I told him sure, he had paid for that one, the second one I had to make for free :)

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Nice to know I'm not alone. Got any pic's of the irons you've made?

Mike You're right about the smudgy look, especially inside the 4, here's a pic

That brand could be for the Ant Eater Ranch:D

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