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anvil help

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Me being new to smithing i saw these anvils on ebay. can any1 tell me if there any good or to much money?

there both Hay Buddens but the one with the green grass background is 116.00 without shipping and the ugly green one is 150 and the reserve is still not met... i will add in shipping costs when i get them. but i might have to drive down to (green backyard one is in tenessee and the ugly 150 dolla 1 is in south burlington new york:( so if i want it i may have to go for a little drive....:mad:

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Sounds expensive to me. How much do they weigh? I gave a little under $2.00 a pound for mine. (Mines an 85 lb.) It would probably be cheaper to get it shipped than to drive. (If you do get the one in Tennessee you could come see me!:)) They both look good to me though! I wouldn't give anything over $2.00 a lb., so you might need to weight around for while. Just keep a sharp eye out, and you will find the one that has your name on it.:D

The kidsmith,
Dave Custer

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