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Issues with sharing smithy, waiver?

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I have some neighbors that would like to flounder with me and learn smithing.   

Over the years I’ve accumulated a bit of equipment ( couple of forges, few small anvils, swage blocks, cone mandrel, welders, tings, hammers, grinders, etc)

Anyway, I’m fine sharing for a fuel and soda  donation, but I’m concerned that if someone got hurt that it would cost me.  

So, how do you all handle sharing equipment and liability? 


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If you are going to teach there should be an insurance to cover you. If they are going to use your equipment and do their own thing, you need a different insurance policy. Sad but that is what it is. Each state / country will have different laws but that is the general idea ... unfortunately. Check with your current insurance to see if you are covered.  There a re some in this forum that held smithing classes. They should know. 

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