"Donor Tree" project and Blacksmith's Endless Generosity

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I actually think the look of the trunk matches the stylized s-curve branches really well!

Good work! :)

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Very well done Susan! You and Al brought the idea to life and in a new way. There's a donor tree at the local Providence Hospital where my Endocrinologist's office is and as beautiful as it is it's a tree. Your's catches the spirit of a tree of LIFE in a much more dramatic way.

I don't know how to describe how it makes me feel other than good. It's certainly not what I expected from reading the subject line and that's a GOOD thing. It surprises the viewer, it's a donor tree but not like any other I've seen. It's light open and flows in a seemingly unlimited way.

You done good. We're all novices no matter how long we practice the craft. It has an unlimited learning curve and we get to learn something new any tie we're open to it. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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