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rammable refrac

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I use a layer of mizzou castable about 3/8" thick on the floor of my forges. Very strong and holds up real well to borax. Bubble alumina will work too but is more expensive than the mizzou. I get my refractories in small quantities from Darren Ellis. Just smear it on the kaowool and feather the edges if you want. Be sure to coat all the exposed wool with satanite or ITC-100 to keep the fibers from floating around and getting in your lungs.


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I built a forge for welding billets in ans used only rammable to line it with IT is applied almost two inches thick and I love it, AT the end of a welding session I can poiur flux out of the bottom of it by lifting one end. The bad points are it takes a long time to get fully heated to welding temp, that is also a good point as it keeps heat really well. When I pull a billet out to weld or draw it out I shut the gas to the forge off. I turn. the valve back on when I put the steel back in and it is still hot. The forge is a two burner and after I get to working temp I shut one burner off. Make sure that when you put the stuff in you pound it reall well into place to eliminate all air bubbles If you do not they may pop open when heated. I got mine from a furnace and boiler sales and repair place several years ago and I think it wsa about 50 lbs for about $50. A true bargain. If I build another gasser it will be done the same way.

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