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Hello all. full time smith, millwright, welder,machinist, 30 years, served aprenticeships here and there, was there for a long time. Trained under a well known artist-blacksmith who was a student of Fransis W. Here to learn and share. Anon for good personal reasons, maybe someday,take it or leave it. Will submit pictures if requested. "there is a concept that is a bar to all knowlegde, that concept is a closed mind." Arf p.s. I love this site, addicting is an understatement, thankyou whoever is responsible. Frosty, did you get your shop built yet? Too bad about E and the list.

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Sorry about being so cryptic. With the internet, the world has become a small place. I need a pacemaker, but if I get it, I can never do electric welding again. Either way my life will be over. If my customers knew, I don't think I'd be getting deposit checks anymore. I have been trying to switch to just art since I found out, but to be efficent, jigs need to be welded, tools built,etc. I know there are a lot of possible solutions, and I have been searching,researching etc. Thank you for your reply.

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Arftist, I wonder........are there any 'full body' shields that would allow someone with a pacemaker to still use an arc welder?

I think I can say from my own experience that health problems can sure interfere with getting work done. I've had open heart surgery . I also have a troublesome back. (I say troublesome because I can still work........and there are lots of others who have it far worse than I do.

There are other members with really bad backs, breathing problems,etc.
I think each of us tries to work around problems as best we can.

You could specialize in forge welding, ox/ac welding, or get a buddy( arc welder) to do some fabricating from time to time.

I'll bet a lot of other members have ideas along this line..........

James Flannery

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