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I don't have much time, but here is my pity story too.:) I was moving my forge on the 20-foot trailer, and it fell off of the back. It broke my blower bracket clean off.:mad: I wired it back on because my dad's welder is in storage. I won't be able to re-weld it until he builds a new shop and installs a welder outlet...at least a year from now most likely.:(

The Kidsmith,
Dave Custer
"It's not the fact that you're dead that counts but only how did you die"

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I got a Canady Otto blower off Ebay. The housing was cracked where the blower joins the base. Everyone recommended having it brazed by a professional, but I needed it quick. I cleaned the break real good, glued it with J.B. Weld and clamped it up for 24 hours.

That happened last summer and it is still holding. That JB is some powerful stuff.


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