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Small spike picture frame

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My parents 43rd anniversary passed while I had taken a sabbatical from banging iron, so I had to get this to them a little late.
Not real refined. Made from a spike drawn and split. I worked the heart sides one at a time and opened them up together in the last heat. My forge is not large enough for the whole thing to fit.
The face and outer edge of the heart were sanded down to get shine, the heat oxidized for color. The whole thing was coated with interior/exterior laquer and clear-epoxied to a chunk of busted up countertop.

000003.JPG 00000006.JPG
To use, I just cut the picture to fit and secure it with a couple of rare earth magnets. That was a pretty cool idea, i thought.

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I have a piece of leaf spring that has a hole punched through it with a spike. in the last heat, I used a spike as a die and drove it into the bar to create a "spike underside" impression. Now, anytime I want to make anything from a spike that will need to stand up, I just drop a hop spike into the hole and drive it flat. The spike drops out and doesn't require grinding to stand up.

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