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Depew in Action

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  • 3 years later...

Well I tried to access the video from several avenues and ran up blind alley's looking for the supposed plans for the copy listed on IFI threads and www links.... but they no longer seem to exist anywhere...

I'm guessing something happened to the site that erased information at some point in time... Anyone have details on that homebuilt Depew Copy ? It looks to be about 40" tall as near as I can tell.


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I looked at the Depew original the homemade one replicates and even if the main body is cast the anvil resembles a T-beam connected to the rear portion of the frame.....Your point is well taken and a solid anvil should improve it's working ability..

I finally found the video of the original Depew ,but it seems the plans of the homebuilt copy have been lost in cyber-space...Too bad nice hammer design.. and nice execution of the plans by coolhand...

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