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Forging metal handles


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As a completely hypothetical question, as I myself am no blacksmith (yet).

What would be the process one goes through to create a metal handle for, cutlery and possibly other tools?

In my head it seems as though it would usually be cast in a mold, but then again, I am in no way experienced.

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There are a number of ways....

As you said, casting.... Using a low temp metal (lower than steel) such as aluminum or pewter, cast a handle, then insert the tang (long end of the utensil - hidden in the handle). Cool and clean.

Make a handle where the tang passes completely through the handle and exits the end. Thread the end and add a cap, or bend the end over to hold.

Handle a handle, usually two piece, with a channel down the middle for the tang. Drill two or more holes through all the pieces. Use rivets or screws to secure....

There are probably other ways but these are the most common ways I know....Much will depend on the size and end-use of the item you are creating as each method has its pluses and minuses....

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in cutlery there are a lot of "self handled knives" where the tang material is used to create the handle. One way is to draw it out long and loop it back, another way is to forge it out flat and curl it over creating a hollow form to grip. There are probably hundreds of variations!

The process is to figure out what you want it to look like and then do it. Can't take time to type the details for the hundreds of ways it can be done.

You may want to search on blacksmith knifes or brute de forge.

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