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Any opinions on this anvil?

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Looking to buy my first anvil to get set up. Most of the anvils that come up for sale are a long way from me and I would have to collect by myself in a small car. This one is relatively close by and I have friends/family nearby that could at least help me load it if I won. 

It looks pretty rusty and beat up. I have sent some messages for clarification and there is no text/numbers on it, the top face measures about 15.5" x 4". 

Any suggestions/information appreciated,



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I'd maybe bid up to £80 - 100 max. Broken foot, hard to tell much else about the condition from the pics.

England is packed full of really good quality anvils, so don't just bid on the first thing you see

Have a look around this site for info on improvised anvils if you're itching to get up and running until something better comes along 

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