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I Forge Iron

screwcities post and intro...

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For some reason your post was locked ( Glenn?????) and so I could not reply directly to you..
Welcome and hope that we can share our experiences with you and I hope you will share yours with us.
If you have not looked around this site be sure to look at the BP ( AKA Blueprint) section, lots of good tips and how too's.
If you have querstions please ask. I promise that we will do our best to answer you, or at least try to pull your leg. :lol:

BTW there is a link on the home page for a map showing many smiths locations. no registration is required. Just put your name ( or nickname) and town. And for the 'shout out' just put a few words that you want us to see.
Once you go there you will see what the rest of us did. And if you need more help or your 'profile' needs changing or remval I am the one who can do so.

Oh yes, I am not the owner of Iforgeiron that will be Ntech( or Glenn)

But I do like to welcome folks if I can.

BTW I have done hobby smithing off and on for about 13 years now.
Started as a volunteer at Fort Vancouver NHS in Vancouver WA. Just across teh river form Portland.
Lordy I can sure be verbose... 8)

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Welcome Rio; I'm going to be in Las Cruces this weekend visiting kinfolk and going to the medieval fair.

Make sure that those steal of a deal anvils are not some of the ones being faked in cast iron from Mexico. They show up at the implement auction up here in Socorro NM all the time but are re-castings of namebrand anvils in plain cast iron---a hefty chunk of steel is better than a cast iron anvil as I'm sure you are aware as a welder.

The NM ABANA group is SWABA; don't know if you would get to many meetings as they often meet in Alb or Santa Fe.


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