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Help me understand burner design


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I've done some reading through existing threads and stickies, but the problem I'm having is that the information is scattered over sometimes scores of pages. 

I'm specifically trying to sort out the 'how it works' of naturally aspirated burners. 

I understand that you need fuel and air, and the two need to mix. The more homogenous the mix, the better, correct?

This is where it breaks down for me. Fuel mixing seems to be a complicated relationship between air intake design and ratio, fuel orifice size, and mixing tube length and diameter. 

The length:diameter of the mixing tube, if I'm recalling right, is 9:1? 

I think I saw an intake ratio of tube D+40% mentioned somewhere...

Uncertain as to how gas orifice sizes work out in relation to all of this.

Then we come to nozzles, which, as I understand, help to soften the flame and therefore keep it inside the forge longer.

I guess what I'm asking is, what are the fundamentals of burner design? Also, please help correct my misunderstandings as you come across them, both above and in discussion. 



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I could write something snarky in response to your multiple questions. Instead, I will keep my exasperation muzzled and deal with them logically. Even your specifics have no pat answers. While I am willing to deal with them all, they will take a lot of my time. If you want to move your question to Burners 101, where that considerable effort won't be shuffled off to obscurity in the next thirty days, then I will make that effort; otherwise not.

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