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Kelly Iron Works Chicago Ill. Leg Vise


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 I found this vise int the basement of a local antique store about six weeks ago. They had a price of 275.00 on it at the time and I walked away!  I since have looked at prices and decided to go back? The price was down to 225.00 so I offered 200.00 and bought it!

 Kelly iron was in business from mid 1840s till around 1946 when they were purchased bye Bethlehem Steel. I have no exact idea when this vise was made but suspect earlly 1900?  It is very sturdy weighs about 85 pounds with 5 1/2 inch jaws! I was very surprised jaws were still in good shape! 

If anyone knows more about Kelly steel and these vises I would love the education!




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I just today got a very similar vise, maybe the same model off Craigslist for $175.

Even has the little holes under the jaws, what are they for anyway?

Feels very robust, much better than the 35 pounder at the antique store without bracket or spring for $150, been sitting there for a couple years.

My first post vise, and feels solid enough it could very well be the only one I ever need.

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