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Small anvil unknown

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I could be wrong but it looks a lot like a Vulcan to me. Have you tried to clean it with a wire brush on an angle grinder? Sometimes logo's are hiding under the rust.

BTW: welcome to IFI. To get the best out of the forum, I suggest you read this thread. We won't remember that you are in Ohio after leaving here.


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I’ve wire brushed it a few times. Most the rust is fromthings having just thawed from winter. The only markings are the numbers on the side.

I’ve just been curious for a while and haven’t found much info. It’s the anvil I let the kids pound on, being only 20lbs or so. My main anvil is a 150 acme Trenton 

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Yes, they are common like that.

The I.I.& B. Co, then into Vulcan, and even Badgers, all had these type of feet and raised numbers at times.

Vulcan bought out Badger, so there was a mish-mosh of patterns over time, can't distinguish which is which.



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