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Hi All, 

I recently set up a forge and I've been having great fun making things from scrap from around the farm. However there is nothing large section...only small bits.  

Can anyone recommend anywhere to buy small quants of Steel in the UK. 

For example I was looking at making a Striking Anvil, A small hammer etc. Parkersteel and others sell these larger sections by the 6m length.....very expensive. Is it possible to buy larger sections in smaller sizes, e.g a 2" x 4" x 12" mild steel for striking plate ? 



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Don't buy from Parkers, they're often twice as expensive as other suppliers. Not sure where in the country you are but you could start with FH Brundles for mild steel as they're based all over. If you want random large chunks of solid bar you'rs better off calling up your local engineering & fabrication firms to see if they've got a scrap bin you can rummage in.

You'll only get mild steel from the big suppliers & that won't be suitable for hammers & tools. I've scored some good chunks of tougher steels before from my local steam train line & the local light gauge steam train line. They both scrap track & other associated bits. I've forged a few hardy cut off tools from the light gauge track & they're holding up well.

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Thanks for replies 

I’m located in East Sussex so probably a little far for collecting anything from Northants . Thank you for offer though. 

I was looking for a big chunk of mild steel to make a striking Anvil and then some smaller sections of tool steel to make some hammer tools etc . 

My problem is I don’t want to buy a 6m length of striking plate steel as it will cost a fortune. 

Ive checked out Brundle they sell 3m lengths which is better anyway .

There is a historic railway 10 mins from my house perhaps I’ll go there and see if there have any big section steel I can buy / have . 


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10 hours ago, Richard Tuesday Williams said:

I’m located in East Sussex

Where about in E.Sussex?

I wasn't suggesting you buy a 6m length of striking plate, I was suggesting Brundles and the like for 6m lengths of smaller gauge stock for when you want to make fire pokers etc.

Local engineering firms will be the best starting point for big chunks of mild steel. I remember seeing Nick Bates from Burrows Lea Forge advertise on the BABA Facebook page that he had some big chunks of round bar for sale - maybe he's got something nearer the profile you're after (?) - he's near Guildford.

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Hi Joel. I am near Robertsbridge. 

Ok I see - that makes sense. 

Ill check out BABA Facebook page and Nick Bates - thanks for that. 

Maybe thats an idea - find other people who also want big steel and split cost. 

Im off to a scrap yard Friday to get some coil springs. 

Ive requested to join the Facebook group - thanks 

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