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I've got 2 coats of refractory on a 1 inch layer of kaowool. Gives me about a 4 inch opening on either end of the forge. Gives me just under 88 cubic inches of volume. And, as you can see, I ditched my first burner in favor of Frosty's Venturi T burner. That's my first time working with refractory and was almost aggravated because of the fact that it looked like wet sand but discovered after some reading that it's not sand but rather a mixture of sodium silicate and the gritty stuff is aluminium oxide and crystalline silica. Now all I need is to let it dry and finish putting together the brass gas line that connects to the burner and it's ready for forging! 


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so about 7" long with 4" diameter gives you about 82 cubic"   My questions is what size burner is that?  It looks like a 3/4" if i'm right on that its WAY overkill for that forge.  To the point that you might melt more metal then you forge.


Also a couple quick side notes.  I can see your blanket in the burner port.  You realy should consider covering that will refractory for safety (a thin layer is more then enough for a burner port) Also I realy hope that blanket is ridgidized.  And i'm not noticing any way to actually mount the burner.

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