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I Forge Iron

Damascus Fillet Knife; Take Two!

Will W.

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Like fellow bladesmith @templehound said in a post a while ago, if you make something once that people like, expect to make it again. 

This fillet knife was desired by a customer after i showed them pictures of the first one i made (the thread can be seen here in Knife Making.)

Blade is 6.5 inches long, overall just under 10 inches. ~176 layers of O1 and L6. I focused on forging this knife thin with few marks, i did not want to grind much of the pattern away, and i was succesful in that regard. Forged down to about .1 inches (100 thousandths) and ground to .09 inches (90 thousandths) leaving each individual layer at about 0.0005 inches thick (5 ten-thousandths.)

I attempted to do a raindrop pattern, which is visible, but i now know that i used too small of a drill bit, it is not nearly as prevelant and dramatic as i had hoped for. I also drilled the holes while the billet was just a bar, then proceeded to flatten and profile the blade. The forging distorted some of the raindrops. 

Perhaps it was the materials, or the layer count, or possibly the heat treatment, but the pattern is subtle. More so than i had hoped for.

The handle is acrylic, i believe it was "molten magma" color, or something to that effect. I desired more of the orange color in the material, but you get what you get. Guard and pommel are nickel silver. Spine tempered to blue, and edge to dark brown.

Comments and critiques are welcome and appreciated, as always. 

Happy holidays everyone. Thank you for looking!







I was able to get a few good up close shots of the pattern:





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