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Repair job

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Pictures to come after I'm home from visiting family for Christmas... 

I'm looking at a significant refacing job. Probably 40-50% of the face of this little 90lb MH anvil is gone, with more on its way out by the sound of it, based on tapping a hammer around the edges near the removed section. 

Planning on taking it in to work, they have some Stoody impact resistant flux cored wire I'm thinking about using once I get the specs on it and come up with a weld procedure. (I imagine it'll be similar to the Gunther(sp?) method, just with a different method of deposition?)

However: (this is where pics might be useful; see top of post)

I'm debating whether to just remove the rest of the old steel face, since I have to grind to sound metal anyway, and just reface the entire thing. Avoid the issue of ruining the heat treat in the already potentially compromised old face.  



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