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Mounting a sledge hammer head

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So I finally found my first anvil, a good looking 9lb sledge hammer head. I won't be getting it until the 26th, on my birthday, but I want to plan out my stand now because I'm excited. I attached a picture of the hammer from the listing, but I don't know the dementions of it yet.

So far my plan is to cut up 9 chunks of 4x4 roughly 28 inch's long, roughly where the anvil face will be around my knuckles. I will temporarily strap the pieces together with ratchet straps and cut the center piece to be snug on the hammer. Then I will use it to make bands and nails to more securely strap the wood together.

Now, will this be secure enough or should I add any more bracing or anything that I'm not considering?


Edit: As it turns out later that day after buying this I might have got a lead on a 1.5-2 foot section of railroad track. So I might have two anvils by the beginning of the year.


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As you hammer on it "snug" will loosen up. Just make sure you get it good and secure. We're it me I would get it to where it needs hammered into the wood for a really tight fit. Hammering it in I would use a chunk of 2x4 as a cushion over the sledge hammer face so not to mar it up or potentially chip it. 

Just a thought. 

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