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I've scoured the posts on here and have concluded that I am nowhere near educated enough in the ways of anvils to identify this piece. That being said, this is a piece that I'm thinking about purchasing and wanted to get some feedback on its possible origin. As far as I can tell, there is no maker's mark to speak of. I was able to vaguely see a possible weight (1-6-8) and a serial number (?) on the front of the base. The underside appears to be of Trenton characteristics, and then I read that there were many that adopted this oval recess. Anyway, any available feedback would be greatly appreciated. I believe the owner is asking too much, but I've been wrong numerous times thus far. Have a look!  










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Actually you don't need to know what maker it is; do the ball bearing and ring test and THOSE will tell you if it's a good anvil or not!  (Use the lack of markings to negotiate the price lower...)  Remember an anvil made by a top maker that's been through a fire may be a much poorer anvil than one made by a lesser maker that hasn't lost it's temper!

Add the CWT system does not allow center numbers greater than 3 so definitely an american and weighed 168 pounds.

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I was able to do a rebound/ring test and it sounded great (without a base of comparison). It appears to be a nice anvil. At least for what I want to do with it. I just wanted to be able to provide this guy a little information about it if he holds firm to his asking price and I'm not able to get it. I appreciate your input! Thank you. 

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