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Pakistani blades


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Easy answer..  Yes...No...or Maybe.. all depends upon who is using what and all..Quality varies greatly from workshop to workshop..  When I was deployed to Asia Minor back in 2005 for the last I had some "free time" and went back into the mountains to visit my  family and I did make contract with several local "village blacksmiths" that for what they were working with were doing SUPERB work. But these are Kurds.  Not Pakistani...No real electric power (maybe 3 or 4 hours a day)...A LOT of hand labour (strikers and files and slow rock grindstones ).. but dead on HT and the tools they made were very high quality as most were old leaf springs or reclaimed files... Primitive does not have to mean low quality...Here again I am talking Iraq/Kurdistan..not Pakistan...

That while area (Pakistan) is unstable and things change rapidly from day to day..sometimes hour to hour.. Personally I would suggest that you learn to do your own and not have to worry about the X factor.

Ask yourself this question...Do you really want to put your name on something that you have, honestly...no idea as to the quality of the materials or the level of craftsmanship involved in the most important part of any edged tool? I mean if the blade fails..it's YOU that they are going to call... Not Haji ...

Now if you want some barstock or bare blades... get them from a well established maker...someone who knows what to use and how to use it...someone who stands behind their work...that is my suggestion...It will cost you a bit more filthy lucre but at least you will KNOW what you are getting...


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I agree take the time and effort and learn to do your own then you know exactly how the whole thing is made....yeh it will take a couple blade and some time to really start to get it right but when you have a knife that performs well looks good and feels good and you did the WHOLE thing yourself...MUCH more rewarding!

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