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Value of a 500 Lb. Fisher anvil?

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A few days ago, I posted pictures of my anvil and the helpful people on this forum helped me identify it. It is a 500 lb. Fisher anvil made for a Blacker powerhammer. The date on the front is 1930 I believe. Given that I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania ( just under NY border), I was wondering if someone could tell me what the anvil is worth. Thanks in advance. 






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People will be along shortly to tell you its a regional thing, what some one is willing to pay etc. If you want to hock it, throw it on E-bay. Word to the wise you will be looking at about 20% fees etc but you should get what its "worth".

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I live in central NY, likely not far from you, so the values should be similar. 

For the most part, around here, anvils go for ~3 dollars per pound, depending on condition. Some are more, some are less. That would mean yours should be worth between ~1500 dollars, as it appears to be in good shape. This is subjective though, i dont know many people who would pay that much for an anvil (or need one that massive.) Usually though, something like that is worth what someone is willing to pay. 

Oh, and by the way, that is an AWESOME anvil!!!

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