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clinker trobble

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I looks like the impurities in the coal that you are burning are being converted to a gas form that is then condensing when it comes in contact with your cold chimmeny. I use to have this problem when I use to burn hard coal, now I only burn soft coal. 1 trick that I learned is to start a very hot wood or paper fire first, this will preheat your cimmeny and it will also help with the draft of the chimmey.

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I suspect your mud is way to wet. The surface inside your chimney may appear dry, but there is moist clay just below the surface that is heating to a boil (steam) and pushing (spalling) the face. These fallen chunks are clogging your chimney at the firebox, the bits closest to the fire are actually being fired into a ceramic material, like a brick.

Try again with sticky (drier) clay and let it dry for a few days to further reduce the moisture. Start with a small fire (wood kindling) to help cure and dry the clay, then work up to the bigger ones. Any cracks that appear (expect cracks) during this time are easily repaired with more clay.

Give some though to identifying the difference between soil and clay. Clay is good, while soil, with organic material in it, is not as good.

Second time is charm! Good luck.

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When the air to the forge slows down, it is time to dig out the clinker. There was another piece about half this side in the forge also. Just dig it out, remove most of the junk and ash and rebuild the fire. Takes only a couple of minutes.

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