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Fly press power!


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So I finally got my fly press all set up today and able to be used. I've only got one tool for it, and need to learn to weld to make more since I've fabricated a bunch of tool blanks to fit the die receiver.


This thing is great, I took it and just to do something, used 1/2" square, cold, and ran two parallel lines down the side, like you'd do getting ready for a fancy twist. Normally just veining 2 lines like this hot with a chisel would take me a couple heats and not be nearly as straight and precise looking. It took all of 60 seconds to do it cold with the fly press, vs maybe 10 minutes + by hand, and it looks better too.


This is only a really small fly press as far as they go, if you go by what they sell at oldworldanvils or pieh tools, it'd be somewhere midway between a #2 and a #3, but even at its small size, it packs a punch!

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This one being so small (i say that after i just about killed myself moving it) i'm not sure if it's got enough "oomph" to effectivly use / make dies like that, but it's still amazing how much power is in a little (relativly) machine.

Someday when I get more shop space and more $$$ I'll have to look into getting a larger press for more heavy work.

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