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Forged Iron - where to buy a piece

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Hi everyone. Maybe someone can help me. I bought a door latch and the strike plate is too short. I guess I can make my own, but need a small piece of black forged iron. Specifically, about 5" by 1" and an eigth of an inch thick.

Any ideas or thoughts?

Thank you

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Hi wssd, and welcome.
We typically would use mild steel for this today rather than iron due to its better cost and availablity. You can try hardware stores, welding stores, engineering supply places etc. What you need is hot rolled mild steel, or over here we call it black steel. This comes with a slightly rough, blackish grey finish on it already. You may have to buy a longer length than you need and cut it to length. You cna do that with a cheap hacksaw and something to hold it steady (vise, or clamps and a heavy workbench). You might get lucky and find somewhere with a suitable piece in their scrap bin they will let you have, for free or pennies.

If you need want a dimpled, 'rustic' appearance, bang it with a ball-pein hammer a lot! :D Oh and heating it gives it a blacker finish, though this can be rubbed off with use. Seal with a clear laquer sray if you don't want this.

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Whether you are in Africa or Australia, Central Europe or the UK we have smiths there who can help you on this *world* wide web!

Shoot we even have folks in the USA and Canada!

If you are in Central New Mexico; or Central OH let me know and I can hook you up with a piece made to your exact requirements.

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Scrap bin for free sounded real good to me. I'm in NJ. My better half who has waited six years for this project to get done (laundry shoot with two doors) found someone who would make it for us. So, I'm out about $40 and a task to keep me out of trouble.

Thanks very much for your ideas.


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