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This Friday will be may last day at my current place of employment before I move on to a new job. I wanted to make something as a surprise parting gift for one of my employees I'll be leaving behind as an acknowledgment of the work he has done. I know he prefers folding knives, so I had a go at making my first one. The frame and handle scales come from a kit. I wanted to make my own scales for it, but after catastrophic failures on two sets time got the better of me and I had to opt to stick with the kit wood to be done in time. I forged a new blade for the knife from a piece of 1080 that I had. The kit knife blade was used as a template to make sure all of the holes and spring rest points lined up, but the blade profile itself is very different than the original blade. This was my attempt at something "Persian" inspired for a little something extra. The first ridge serves as a thumb rest, the second ridge is purely pointless pizzaz :P Tempered a little shy of 400 to keep the hardness up a bit because I know he goes long stretches between sharpening. Hand finished to a 400 grit satin after grinder cleanup. Bevels were put in post heat treat (another first for me) because this was the thinnest blade I've quenched so I was worried about warpage. I was really careful about thermal cycling before quench though and it came out straight as an arrow. Hopefully it serves  him well.


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