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Goddard's Goop?

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I use it for convenience: it is stable for years at room temperatures, and transports well. I have no fixed shop, so everything has to go back in a job box at the end of each open air forging session. Or back in an SUV cargo area at the end of a demo. It resides happily in a thrift store find steam table tray that fits in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid. A yard sale cookie sheet will snuff out the flames if it gets heated to the flash point, and makes a handy drain tray for items as they cool.

Is it the very best medium for all sorts of edged weapons? Probably not, or no one would go to the trouble of making vertical quench tanks full of Parks 50, or heated salt pots. If I was to go into business, my customers would expect nothing less than my best work at all stages of production. My conscience would allow nothing less.

Adequate for blacksmith knives, punches, chisels and other small items? You betcha.

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